VIDEO Lady Gaga wears trucker hat during emotional performance of “Dope” at YouTube Awards

Lady Gaga trucker hat Dope performance

Lady Gaga gave an emotional performance of her moody song “Dope” from ARTPOP at the first ever YouTube Awards Sunday night. The experience was documented by director Spike Jonze and followed a performance of “Afterlife” by Arcade Fire.

“This is for my fans . . . this is for my lover, I love you too, this is for anybody who has that pain inside,” Gaga whispers at the beginning. “This is for you, Spike.”

The lyrics describe a pretty desperate addiction scenario:

“Cork’s off, it’s on
The party’s just begun
I promise this
This drink is my last one
I know that I fucked up again
Because I lost my only friend
God forgive my sins
Don’t leave me, I
Oh I will hate myself until I die”

She’s also wearing a trucker hat, so there’s that.

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