VIDEOS: Conan rocks out Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville

On the way to Bonaroo Team Coco pulled into Nashville and rocked the house at Jack White’s Third Man Records.  Yes you read that right, on June 10th, Conan blasted out a FREE full music set at Jack White’s record shop.  That might be the coolest thing I have ever heard!  Let me try to summon up all the unbelievables as my heart aches to have been there.

First off is the righteous venue, Third Man Records.  Here is what the store’s site has to say about the shop:

Third Man Records in it’s current state serves as record store, record label, and one stop production house with a rehearsal and photo studio, darkroom, and production office and distribution center. All of our records are produced by Jack White in his own Third Man Studio, then printed and pressed right here in Nashville. With our unique set-up we can have an artist recorded and photographed in one day and have records for sale in our store within weeks. In this way we are bringing a spontaneous and immediate aesthetic back into the record business.

Every town should have a place like that.  It kind of flashes back to the whole Sun Records feel of a guy, say Johnny Cash or Elvis Presley, walking off the streets and laying down a song right then and there.

Secondly, we have the fact that Conan agreed to do this while the folks with Third Man were somehow able to manage the huge lines and crowd that arrived to catch the once in a lifetime gig.  Here is an excerpt from the Team Coco blog, accurately titled EPIC, about that night:

Conan blazed through a rocking setlistof stuff from our Legally Prohibited show – as well as a few other jams that we’ve never done!  The energy in the room was incredible: The band lit by a dim red light, the hot Nashville air thick with excitement; the room packed to capacity – it was a scene the likes of which I’ve never experienced.  I could totally see this show being something that happened outside under a tent in the South in the 50’s.  A very, very cool vibe.

Speaking of Jack, when Conan went off the setlist and starting playing a little “Creep” by Radiohead, Jack jumped onstage and put an old timey chiminysweepesque hat on his head!  It was completely unplanned, and made us all crack up.  Then, for the last song, Jack jumped up and joined Conan for a blow your brain out of your skull version of 20 Flight Rock

My brain is exploding just writing this stuff.  Now it’s time for some videos from the show.  The first is Jack White on the roof of Third Man handing out water to the line that stretched on and on.  Yes while folks were waiting Jack White tossed them some H2O.

What a swell guy that Jack White is.  And now on to the show itself,  here is Jack White introducing Conan and thanking the crowd for their patience while waiting to cram into the small venue.  You may want to adjust your speakers because the crowd goes ape sh+t when Coco hits the stage.

And here is Conan doing a little instrumental of Jack’s own mega-hit “Seven Nation Army.”

Yes!  Here is the setlist from the show courtesy of  Brooklyn Vegan:

Blue Moon of Kentucky
Rock This Town
Polk Salad Annie
On The Road Again
Monkey Business
King Creole
Seven Nation Army
The Weight
w/ Jack White:
20 Flight Rock
40 Days

As it stated via his blog, Conan also threw in a little of Radiohead’s “Creep” for good measure.  When you finally quit sobbing from knowing you missed something so awesome you will probably think to yourself, “It sure would be cool to have that show on vinyl.”  Well my friend you can!  Just go to the above link for Third Man Records and pre-order yourself a copy of  CONAN O’BRIEN – Live At Third Man: June 10th, 2010.

Top Photo: Team Coco Blog