VIDEO: Lady Gaga gives a preview of new single “Swine”


Lady Gaga is set to debut her new single “Swine” at the London iTunes Festival on September 1, and in anticipation she’s released some rehearsal footage.

She’s seen playing both piano and drums while she sings:

“I know, I know, I know you want me
You’re just a pig inside a human body
Squealer, squealer, SQUEALER
You’re so disgusting!
You’re just a pig inside…SWINE…”

“Mother Monster” is calling the event “Swinefest” and has given a list of acceptable items for her fans to wear to the event (or at home.)

“I will be providing a list of acceptable attire for #SwineFest throughout the week. Item 1: Seashells. Item 2: Seahorses 3: Starfish… I would also suggestion 4. Paint colored dreadlocks for securing ‘under the sea’ Boticelli-Punk accessories. More fashion updates to come!

Acceptable attire for #SwineFest CONTINUED: 5: BEDAZZLED PIG NOSE 6: BOWIE MAGICIAN GARB 7: TRASHBAG or ARTCLOTHES (THERE IS A PAINT ZONE)… #ARTCLOTHES are clothes you don’t mind getting covered in live art!”

Guess her Boticelli’s Venus phase isn’t just a one-off thing. I have to hand it to her, that wig is pretty amazing. “Swine” also seems like a better song than “Applesauce” (Hank Kingsley joke) “Applause,” but that’s just my opinion.

UPDATE: Here’s a clip of “MANiCURE”

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