VIDEO Justin Bieber apologizes for being a laughingstock in emotional video confession: Do you believe him?

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Justin Bieber, who has had a career as a public spectacle for over a year and a half, has apologized for making a joke of himself in an emotional video confession he uploaded to the internet himself late last night. The Biebs, who went on Ellen yesterday and was a bit of a nervous wreck, explained in the video that he is worried about what people are saying about him lately, and that he fears he might have gone too far with his public displays of immaturity. Like starring in an absurd (and absurdly-Photoshopped) series of ads for Calvin Klein. Or buying himself a private jet for Christmas. Or trying to punch a photographer. Or throwing a punch at a fan in a Dave & Buster’s. Or driving while drunk. Or using a wheelchair to kind-of sort-of cut in line at Disneyland. Or having the cops called on him for noise violations a half-dozen times in one weekend. Just your basic kid stuff.

The Biebenator hasn’t released a single since December of 2012, and hasn’t put out a proper album in two-and-a-half years, an eternity by the standards of today’s music business. The bared-soul video might go some way toward repairing his persona–and the upcoming Comedy Central roast of him will doubtless do some of the same…but the video is also so poorly lit that it looks like it was shot by someone demanding a ransom.

Here’s JB, apologizing for his rambunctious ways and saying it was all an act to cover how hard it’s been growing up in the limelight. Check it:



What do you think, folks? Can you find it in your hearts to give J-Bibs one more chance? Or have you already chalked him up to experience like a drug-induced threesome you only remember a handful of details from?


(Photo credits: JB himself. Twitter and FB.)

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