VIDEO Jim Bob Duggar helps friend tell her husband she’s pregnant at Jill Dillard’s wedding reception

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar at Jill Dillard's Wedding

One thing the Duggars are undeniably good at (thanks to lots of practice) is announcing pregnancies. With that apparently in mind, a friend in attendance at Jill Dillard’s wedding got Jim Bob Duggar to help share baby news with her husband.

The video, which appears to be from Jill and Derick’s wedding reception, shows Jim Bob shooting the breeze with a family friend from Alabama. (Meanwhile, an adorable voice off-camera begs, “I want to say hi to Jim Bob!”)

After a bit, another friend standing nearby reminds Jim Bob — who likely had a lot on his mind — that he has something important to say. Jim Bob then calls wife Michelle Duggar over to chat with the group.

Michelle Duggar - Mother of the Bride Dress for Jill Dillard's Wedding

(Of note: This is the first time we’ve seen Michelle’s mother-of-the-bride dress! It appears to be this Dress Barn “Tiered Jacket Dress” with added modesty panel.)

With Michelle present, Jim Bob tells his friend, “Your wife’s pregnant again… You have another blessing coming along.”

Jim Bob Duggar Pregnancy Announcement

The guy, whose wife is filming the exchange, seems totally taken aback… Because who expects the 19 Kids and Counting patriarch to tell you that your wife is expecting while at his own daughter’s wedding? Kudos to the lady for nailing the surprise factor!

Watch the big reveal here…

Also a heads up that there should be a lot more Dillard wedding photos this weekend when the three-week embargo is lifted. We’ll be sure to share all the new details… Sorry/not sorry! 😉

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