Jill Dillard baby bump photo at 40 weeks and 2 days

Jill Dillard baby bump 9 months

Pregnant 19 Kids and Counting star Jill Dillard is past her due date, but it seems Baby Dilly hasn’t gotten the memo as her bun in the oven continues to bake… and grow! Baby Dilly daddy Derick Dillard took to Instagram earlier today and shared the new Jill Dilly bump pic above featuring Jill holding a chalkboard letting us know she is 40 months and 2 days pregnant and counting.

“I wonder if #babydilly will decide to come on the one year anniversary of my engagement to @jillmdillard this weekend,” Derick captioned the photo.

And speaking of Derick and Jill anniversaries, they recently celebrated their nine-month wedding anniversary on March 21 and Derick used the occasion to share another Baby Dilly bump photo and a loving message for his expecting bride:

The impatient dad-to-be later took to Twitter and gave lil Dilly a tweet nudge:

We will try to keep a close eye on things this weekend and will update as soon as we hear anything about Jill giving birth. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, be sure to check out our animated gif slideshow of Jill Dillard’s growing baby bump over the last nine months in our “Duggar Digest” post from earlier this week!

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