VIDEO Watch Jennifer Aniston get angry in her most awkward interview ever


Admit it. If you were asked to interview Jennifer Aniston, you’d be a little nervous.

The innocently charming Chris Stark from BBC Radio 1 was tasked with interviewing the A-List celeb for her new film Horrible Bosses 2.

The last time Stark interviewed Aniston, the video received over 3 million views. Naturally, Chris was hoping his second interview would go as well as the first. Little did he know, he was being set up for the most awkward interview of his life!

Chris Stark

Scott Mills, another BBC Radio 1 host, decided to shake it up a bit when he asked Jennifer to change the tone of the interview. He directed her to be “super, super mean and kind of horrible and just make it the most awkward interview ever!”

Check out the clip!

Once the prank was revealed, Chris was obviously relieved yet still very shaken up.

Jennifer couldn’t help but apologize saying, “I’m so sorry! This made me feel terrible.” She then asked for a tissue and blotted the sweat from Chris’s face!

Even though the interview didn’t go as planned, the video has already gained 2 million views in just two days.

I have to admit, while it was mildly uncomfortable to see Jennifer try to be mean, it was clear she wasn’t comfortable being a jerk even for a prank. If anything, this proves Jennifer is still America’s Sweetheart.