Is Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Firework’ promo in poor taste?

Katy Perry Firework actress and model

In an odd move CBS and Victoria’s Secret have released a promotional video for tonight’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010 featuring razor thin super models lip-synching to Katy Perry’s new hit single “Firework.” 

The official video for the song which Katy Perry hoped would be an inspiration to her fans featured young adults with real life problems like domestic violence, self image issues based on weight (HELLO), and gays struggling with their identity.  Perry will appear on tonight’s special performing “Firework” but the use of smiling super-skinny supermodels seems to undermine the message and intent of her song.

Here is the promotional video featuring some of Victoria’s “Angels” lip-synching “Firework.”

Bleh, that’s just bad on a lot of levels.  You can tell that some of those gals are really taking it seriously and probably have aspirations of, holding my breath, a singing career of their own.  I got nothing against VS or their models and I especially don’t have a problem with the lingerie but it seems like an incredibly thoughtless decision to put this clip together.  It took a lot of work to produce this promo and I’m surprised someone didn’t say, “You know maybe we should try something else here.”

Here’s the original video for Perry’s “Firework” that paints a far different picture than the one provided for the CBS promo:

I hate to poo-poo on such a wonderful tradition like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show but they should have known better.  In spite of the fireworks shooting from Katy’s breasts I found the official video to work in its message of “letting your little light shine,” but that all got brutalized in the harsh light of that promo.  Yikes!

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