VIDEO Honey Boo Boo’s sister Pumpkin is pregnant!

Honey Boo Boo's sister Pumpkin is pregnant

Mama June is about to become Grandmama June once again as her 17-year-old daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon has just announced she is pregnant with her first child!

“Hey Guys! Guess what? I’m pregnant.” Pumpkin says in her video announcement shared by WE tv. “”I don’t know what I’m having yet, but if I had to bet, because of all the girls in our family, I’m probably having a girl,” she continues.

When asked how she feels knowing she is about to become a mother, Pumpkin says “I’m really excited to be a mom, but there is some challenges that I am going to have to face.”

One of those challenges in the birth itself. “I’m really nervous about having a baby because, I mean, it does have to come out of my hoo-ha.” Pumpkin then reveals that hoo-having a baby is especially frightening for her given the size of her husband’s melon. “My baby daddy’s head is like the size of a freaking watermelon, so imagine trying to push a watermelon out of your vagina. No. It’s not OK. I really wish I could have this child right now. I’m so over this s**t.”

HEre Comes Honey Boo Boo's Pumpkin Shannon pregnant quote meme

Ah, but despite her anxious watermelancholia, Pumpkin is enjoying the beautiful miracle of being pregnant, right? Not so much. “Oh, I haaaate being pregnant,” she says. “But, you know, you gotta do what you gotta do. I mean, I wish you could just be pregnant for, like, 30 days and then pffffft, you know what I’m saying? But instead, it’s fu**ing nine long, horrific, hot fu**ing days.” A producer interjects: “You mean months?” “Whatever,” Pumpkin says.

Pumpkin wraps up her message by revealing that Mama June will be back for From Not To Hot Season 2, and fans will be able to keep up with her pregnancy journey by tuning in when it returns to WE tv.

After making the announcement, Pummpkin took to social media to share a sonogram and a couple more photos:

Pumpkin was planning to return to high school to finish up her senior year. It is not known how her pregnancy will affect those plans.

Congratulations to Pumpkin, her fiance Josh, and the rest of the Shannon family! I certainly look forward to seeing more of the family on the second season of From Not To Hot!

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