VIDEO Gold Rush star Dakota Fred Hurt’s Gold Blooded documentary preview trailer

Dakota Fred Hurt Gold Blooded documentary

It was announced back in 2014 that Gold Rush fan favorite miners Dakota Fred Hurt and his son Dustin Hurt would not be returning to the show, and only two weeks later we revealed that the father and son mining duo were working together to film their own project, which was titled All That Glitters at the time. Fast forward almost three years and we FINALLY have the first preview trailer for the Dustin and Fred hurt mining documentary, now titled Gold Blooded!

The preview trailer shows footage of Dustin using some rather unconventional — and seemingly quite dangerous — mining tactics to get to potential gold deposits lying underneath the base of Alaska’s McKinley Falls:

I have to say — that looks pretty dang compelling! In addition to some incredibly dramatic mining footage, it looks like the documentary will also focus on Fred and Dustin’s relationship. “Dustin’s gonna wake up one morning and he’s gonna say, ‘Oh my god! I am my father!'” Fred says at one point.

Gold Rush Dakota Fred Hurt Gold Blooded quote

The trailer cuts directly to Dustin driving his pickup truck. “I’m nothing like Fred,” he says.

In addition to the father/son relationship, the documentary will also feature Fred’s relationship with his wife Lorrayne. Unfortunately, during the time that Gold Blooded was filmed, Lorrayne was very ill and would eventually pass away in February of 2015.

I’m not sure how recent the documentary goes, but Fred would later find a huge gold nugget in the form of his Executive Assistant and mining crew cook, Jennifer Sheets. The two were married late last year, and judging from their social media pages, they have been enjoying numerous joyous adventures together.

We don’t have any specific details on exactly when Gold Blooded will be released, or whether or not it will be featured on TV, released via DVD/Blu-Ray, posted online to stream, or any combination of those three. As it mentions in the trailer, it is set to be released this fall. The documentary’s website advises fans to follow their official Facebook page to receive release information in the future.

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