VIDEO Gold Rush goes Mad Max for new Season 8 promo trailer

Gold Rush Mad Max Todd Hoffman flaming guitar

It appears as though Discovery is getting a little inspiration from Starcasm as they have taken our Todd Hoffman and Mad Max mash up to a whole new level for a dramatic Fury Road inspired promo trailer for the new season of Gold Rush!

The trailer is playing up the headline-grabbing wager between mining rivals Todd Hoffman and Parker Schnabel, who have bet 100 ounces of gold (just over $100,000) on who will bring home the most gold this season. In the clip, we see Todd Hoffman holding a large nugget and then a mason jar full of placer gold as Parker and Tony Beets (and Rick Ness and Monica Beets) race across the desert plains in chase — a la Mad Max Fury Road. Here’s the video:

My apologies if you were disappointed to not see Todd Hoffman playing a flame throwing guitar in the trailer. Although Discovery obviously had a large budget to promote one of their most popular shows, it seems they had limits. (Unlike the Starcasm Photoshop team.) Something tells me Todd would have loved playing the part given his aspirations to be a rock singer.

Speaking of our Starcasm Photoshop team, here is the Mad Max inspired photo we created years ago for a post about Todd Hoffman being a doomsday prepper:

Gold Rush Todd Hoffman Mad Max

But let’s not make this all about Todd! There’s another party involved in the BIG WAGER this season, 22-year-old Parker Schnabel. Parker seemed to go the furthest as far as preparation for the Mad Max Tundradome video as he tied back his trademark mussy long locks with a bandana and donned some metallic silver goggles along with a holey post-World War III shirt and some sort of biker gang shoulder strap thing. He finished off his apocalicious look with a bit of eye black (or dozer grease) on his face:

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel Mad Max

Gold Rush returns to Discovery for Season 8 on Friday October 13, with a live event at 8/7c followed by the season premiere episode at 9/8c.

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