GOLD RUSH Todd Hoffman launches production company for scripted and reality TV shows

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Get that #ToddHoffmantrepreneur hashtag ready because the world’s most famous amateur gold miner is expanding his resume to include being the head of a production company! Gold Rush star and creator (though some argue the latter claim) Todd Hoffman officially announced this week that he has joined forces with veteran producer Jose Behar to create Gold Standard Television, an independent production and finance company based in Los Angeles.

Todd has made his desire to be a part of another unscripted series well known, but it might surprise some to find out that the first project for Gold Standard Television is a scripted series. Titled Prodigal, the series will tell the story of “a Manhattan gangster into a darkly-toned Western tale of greed and redemption woven with magical realism set in the 1870s frontier.”

Todd came up with the story, but he has enlisted the help of writer Nathan Edmondson to write the pilot episode. Nathan’s background is in the comic book world, so that would suggest a supernatural edge to the series. Given Todd’s fervent Christian beliefs, I would also guess that the supernatural elements will be inspired by Biblical stories, though that is pure speculation.

Here’s a photo I created for a post years ago that seems like a good inspiration for Todd’s next scripted series Mad Todd – Furry Road:

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“After creating Gold Rush and spending thousands of hours on crafting entertaining and inspiring stories, as well as unforgettable characters on television, we are excited to launch Gold Standard TV to produce projects with the same world-wide appeal,” Todd said in a statement.

“As we launch the label with our scripted property Prodigal, and the various pilots in our non-scripted slate, I am honored to be working alongside Jose Behar on building our company and taking these awesome projects to the marketplace.”

Todd venturing into the production world seems very similar to him venturing north to Alaska in Season 1 of Gold Rush. Although we are certainly in the television industry’s equivalent of the Gold Rush given the numerous opportunities for networks and production companies that weren’t there ten or more years ago, it’s still a VERY tough business to succeed in. Creating a successful show is, well, pretty much like mining for diamonds in the jungles of Guyana. Hmmm… Perhaps Gold Standard Television’s first unscripted series should be about the Todd Hoffman crew attempting to create valuable television shows? Actually, I’m guessing that is already in the works.

Meanwhile, Todd Hoffman makes his triumphant return to the United States tonight on the Gold Rush Season 7 premiere as he and his crew attempt to find gold in eastern Oregon. The two-hour episode airs at 9/8c on Discovery.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Todd Hoffman has also added “rock singer” to his ever-growing resume, including a series of music videos — which aren’t bad!

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