VIDEO Last living 9/11 rescue dog returns to NYC for 16th birthday bash

Bretagne Birthday Celebration

Golden Retriever Bretagne returned to New York City this week, 14 years after serving as an official 9/11 rescue dog with the Texas Task Force 1 team. This time, she was hailed as the “Pup of Honor” for an incredible 16th birthday celebration.

Bretagne’s birthday party was hosted by the dog lovers at BarkPost. For the occasion, she got her name in lights at the Roundabout Theatre Company, chowed down on a dream Sweet 16 cake from Bubba Rose Biscuit Company and District Dog, and even earned “The Bone” at the Hudson River Park. Based on her constantly wagging tail, it seems Bretagne enjoyed it all!

The sweet pup was joined by her mom/owner Denise Corliss, who worked alongside Bretagne at Ground Zero following the events of Sept. 11, 2001–and, later, after Hurricane Katrina.

“I was just so grateful to have a canine partner to help me get through it,” Denise said. “When we deployed to some of the disasters, what I didn’t anticipate was the role that they take on as a therapy dog. It provides an opportunity for people to have support from a dog and comfort from a dog.”

Bretagne is now retired from search and rescue missions, but continues to work as a therapy dog in elementary schools. Happy birthday to her!

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