VIDEO Doug Hutchison ready to fight The Dirty’s Nik Richie over Courtney Stodden insult

Who’s ready for some staged animosity between a blogger and that older dude who married a 16-year-old? No? Well, it’s what I’m working with here so let’s do this!

In the teaser trailer for the 2nd season of Couple’s Therapy for VH1 we see some serious E-list “celebrities” doing their best to save their relationships and / or extend their 15 minutes of fame. It’s all about priorities right?

Even though I’m a closet Simon van Kempen fan it’s obvious from the outset who the stars of this show are, Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden, whom I earlier coined, “Dourtney,” which later became the name of their ill dog (we gots serious pull here at starcasm).

Here’s the brief train wreck preview as Doug comes to the defense of Courtney after Nik Richie allegedly insults young Stodden.

I think the show should just forego all the other couples and feature intimate interviews with Dourtney. They are endlessly fascinating and just a tad bit creepy.

On that same note, according to Rob Shuter with HuffPost Celebrity, Doug and Court had to sleep apart because at the time she was still 17-years-old. Sad Dourtney…