VIDEO Coco Austin gets a butt facial with Bethenny Frankel

Coco and Bethenny get fanny facials

Tomorrow’s episode of Bethenny was so important it demanded a lengthy preview, and darnit, I’m here to provide just that! Coco Austin and the most Googled backside in the world dropped by and during their appearance they participated in a butt facial with the host.

What’s a butt facial, or fanny facial you ask? Leave it to the crack investigative skills of Frankel to get to the bottom of that very question! Here’s a preview clip via Daily Mail (caution – it may take a while to load):

Bethenny asked for three tips to getting a firm bottom and the lady with the rear-shocker explained, “Obviously the lunges, and then do a vigorous massage on the booty to break up the cellulite and you can also try a coffee bean and honey scrub.”

Then the intrepid host asked the obvious question. “Have you ever seen a better bottom than that [hand gesturing at Ice T’s real estate]?” The posterior facial lady answered, “I haven’t. I’ve never seen anyone come in with a body like this that needs this treatment.” Coco replied that she has problems with cellulite which seemed to take Bethenny by surprise.

You can catch all of Coco and Frankel’s escapades on tomorrow’s episode of Bethenny.