VIDEO Chad Ochocinco Deep Seis-ed from DWTS

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Arguably the biggest mouth in the NFL got eliminated last night from Dancing With the Stars as it came down to Chad Ochocinco or Erin Andrews.  It looks like America wanted to keep peeping at Erin so everybody’s favorite legal name changer was left to two-step out the door.   Here is the clip from the results announcement last night:

In keeping up his ‘constant chatter wide receiver diva’ cred Ochocinco had quite a bit to say about his experience on DWTS via his Twitter account.  Chad certainly gets his money worth when it comes to tweets.  Bengals fans are hoping his YAC (yards after catch) can come close to his ATPM (average tweets per minute) next season.  Here is part one of his reaction:

The two shout-outs he throws in there are for his professional dancing partner Cheryl Burke and the late Chris Henry a team mate of Chad’s who wore the number 15.  Of course Chad didn’t put on the tweet breaks there.  Here is part two of his Twitter reactions:

The VH1 reference is to his upcoming reality show on the network called The Tournament in which ladies will be competing to date Chad (kind of like Rock of Love football style).  And just so you can understand the depth of Chad’s pain here is the song he played –  After the Pain by Betty Wright:

That’s a great old tune Chad, hang in there buddy.