VIDEO Celebrity hacker is relieved that he got caught

Christopher Chaney celebrity hacker

Christopher Chaney of Jacksonville, Florida is speaking out following his arrest for hacking into and distributing private images of Hollywood stars like Scarlett Johansson and Vanessa Hudgens.

The FBI had been on the trail of Chaney for months in what they called “Operation Hackerazzi” and they landed their man. Cheney could face up to 121 years in Federal prison for his crimes. I assumed it had to be bad for Christopher when the FBI had a freaking operation name just for finding him.

Cheney had a criminal past already having plead guilty to mail fraud in federal court in Florida back in 1998. He recently sat down with area news FOX30 for an interview. Here’s that clip:

Well any preconceptions we might have had about this man’s potential creepiness were validated. In the above interview he stated:

“It started as curiosity and it turned to just being addictive … seeing the behind-the-scenes of what’s going on with the people you see on the big screen every day. I was almost relieved months ago when they came in and took my computer and told me what was going on.”

He never got any money for the images he parceled out, he simply did it for the charge of knowing he could. As he stated it was pure curiosity.

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