VIDEO Cameron Diaz says she’s been intimate with a woman

Cameron Diaz Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen

The Other Woman‘s Cameron Diaz says another woman‘s been in her bed!

During a round of “Plead the Fifth” on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Cameron whether she’s “ever swam in the lady pond.” Even though it was the first question (meaning Cameron could opt out of answering), she responded…

“Interesting,” Cameron said, looking to costar Leslie Mann. “What is the lady pond?”

Andy clarified, “Have you ever been with a lady?”

“Yes, I have been with a lady. Yeah,” Cameron responded.

Andy pushed for details, asking whether it was “more than once.” Cameron shot the question down.

“You didn’t ask explicitly how I was with a lady, but I have been with a lady.”

Andy’s line of questioning comes a few weeks after Cameron told Glamour U.K. she thinks “all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point.”

“I think women are beautiful, absolutely beautiful,” said the stunning 41-year-old. “It’s natural to have a connectivity and an appreciation for the beauty of other women.”

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