VIDEO – Are Work of Art’s Nicole Nadeu and Miles Mendenhall dating?

Are Nicole Nadaeu and Miles Mendenhall dating?

Two of the strongest artists on Bravo’s Work of Art show might have a love connection!

On a preview for tonight’s episode fellow contestant Ryan rightly notes that Nicole Nadeau and Miles Mendenhall have some sizzling chemistry. In interviews Miles confirms that he has feelings for Nicole, but Nicole seems to keep her confessions strictly platonic.

Nicole on Miles:

“Miles is really awesome. We have a lot of similar concepts, or are inspired by similar things. He’s probably the closest person to me in this competition.”

Miles on Nicole:

“She’s so d@mn good-looking, and if Nicole ever made a move on me then the universe might implode. And if it didn’t then I would probably clam up, get really shy, and ruin things.”

Will this end up as a real love connection or even a hook-up, or is this just a star-crossed crush?