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Miles Mendenhall

While doing research for our profile of Miles Mendenhall from Bravo’s Work of Art: The Next Great Artist I ran across a number of videos featuring this young printmaker and installation artist from Minnesota. Instead of trying to cram them into an already long post, I decided to gather them all up here!

The first two are a single, long interview conducted by his friend David Dobbs who shared a studio with Miles for a year in art school. During the interview Miles attempts to answers BIG questions like, “What is art?”

Next are a couple of high-quality videos shot by the University of Minnesota in which Miles talks about his time at the University and then compares the demands placed on him by Work of Art to the demands placed artists in the past by their benefactors:

These last few are great because they feature Miles participating in one of his other talents: skateboarding! It’s him and bunch of other guys in something called the G2rd. The first video from MySpace is the best because of the great black-and-white Napolean Dynamitastic graphic of Miles:

Miles Mendenhall skateboarding

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