VIDEO Alyssa Milano’s sex tape isn’t what you’d think

Alyssa Milano's Leaked Sex Tape

Alyssa Milano is the latest celebrity to fall victim to a leaked sex tape! At least, that’s what the former Charmed actress wants us to think. In all actuality, Alyssa’s “sex tape” is just a cleaver public service announcement about the crisis in Syria.

The video was released on Funny or Die yesterday and already has 130,000 views. Alyssa contributed to the viral video’s spread by tweeting some interesting messages to her 2.5 million followers.

Alyssa Milano Sex Tape Twitter Captions

Those who followed the link arrived at this video…

Isn’t that fantastic?! What a unique way for a celebrity to use her public platform to spread awareness about an important topic! To continue her mission, hop on over to The New York Times for live coverage of the Syrian crisis. Or, if the conflict is all confusing to you — as it is for many of us! — start by reading this Washington Post article on “9 Questions About Syria You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask.”

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