VIDEO: 90’s Paul Rudd working as a bat mitzvah DJ

Paul Rudd working as a bat mitzvah DJ in 1992

Mazel tov!  Before most stars become stars they have to work lame jobs to pay the bills.  This is part of the deal of fame and Mr. Paul Rudd is certainly no exception to this rule.  In one of the best, “so this is what they did before they were famous” videos ever to surface we find Rudd back in ’92 working as a bat mitzvah DJ.

Running down a checklist of embarassments we have a 90’s hairdo, an amazing yellow coat, an indisputable disdain and indifference for his work and a great turn at air guitar!  The star of Anchorman, I Love You Man, Dinner For Schmucks and Knocked Up will never live this down nor should he.  Ladies and gentleman I present to you Paul Rudd: Jewish DJ.

Watching this clip for the 70th time I realized he’s wearing shorts and boots that looks like he just came off a construction site. When someone uncovers the Paul Rudd roofing video I’ll make sure to post it for you.

We have an editor with The Jewish Daily Forward to thank for this “before they were famous” gem of gems.  I wonder if Rudd was sporting a little Sex Panther to attract some of the single ladies?