VIDEO 3-year-old breaks down arguably worst ref blunder in Bowl history


I hope that the following video can bring some relief to all you South Carolina Gamecock fans who suffered the indignity of arguably the worst blown call in Bowl history.

If you’re not a sports person, or simply missed it, referee Jeff Maconaghy awarded Michigan a first down after bringing out the chains during this year’s Outback Bowl. The problem? The chain measurement unequivocally showed that the nose of the football was short. The old ball coach Steve Spurrier lost his collective mind and the blunder has resulted in a Facebook page dedicated to the requested firing of Maconaghy.

Here’s a screen grab of what we’re talking about:


The ref never got down on ground level to do the discount double-check and the rest is sports lore.

To emphasize just how bad this call was, a proud daddy uploaded a video of his adorable 3-year-old daughter breaking down the intricacies of the blown decision.

“The football is really not touching it. It really is not! The referee said it’s touching that pole but it’s really not.”

You are absolutely right little girl, and seriously entertaining while you’re at it! There was some Karmic justice as South Carolina pulled out an exciting 33-28 win. I’m guessing no one was more grateful for that outcome than embattled Maconaghy.

Props to BuzzFeed on the find.

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