Vicki Gunvalson sent cease and desist letter to Vicki’s Vodka partner before he filed his lawsuit

Robert Williamson III and Vicki Gunvalson for Vicki's Vodka

Vicki Gunvalson and her boyfriend Brooks Ayers are currently being sued for over $250,000 after a partnership with Robert Williamson III went south. Vicki and Robert had gone into business together last year to create Vicki’s Vodkas but after a few months, there were some shady business deals and Robert filed a lawsuit against The Real Housewives of Orange County pair.

In the suit, Robert claims breach of contract, fraud, and misrepresentation, among other things. By all accounts, Vicki appeared to be the guilty party — especially after she reportedly deleted her social media accounts just hours after the news broke. However, new information in the case may prove otherwise.

According to a Radar Online release, Vicki sent Robert a letter of cease and desist weeks before he filed his lawsuit. In the letter dated May 10, 2013, Vicki’s attorney stated, “It has come to our attention that boxes for shipping Vicki’s Vodka are being prepared that include Vicki’s likeness. Please be advised that Vicki’s Vodka, LLC has no right to use Vicki’s full name, her likeness or voice in connection with any goods or services without Vicki’s prior written approval.”

“To date, other than the promotional appearances that Vicki has made on behalf of Vicki’s Vodka, the only use that has been approved is the use of Vicki’s name in connection with the quote on the back of the Vicki’s Vodka bottle,” he continues. “Please have forwarded to me any use of Vicki’s name, likeness or voice that Vicki’s Vodka desires to use and I will let you know whether the use in question is approved.”

Also in the letter, Vicki’s attorney reveals that Vicki and Robert were having what could be referred to as communication issues. He adds, “Vicki is becoming more and more concerned about actions that Robert may be taking in connection with the company without her knowledge and/or approval.”

As for her deleted social media accounts, Vicki claims she was hacked. “My twitter and Facebook accounts have been hacked. What a mess,” she wrote on June 10. Since then, both her Twitter account and her Facebook page have been up and running.

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