Chloe Mendoza clarifies her relationship status with Max after recent arrest UNEXPECTED

TLC Unexpected Chloe and Max not together right now

As we previously reported, Unexpected dad Max Schenzel was arrested again Thursday morning just before 2AM. Online records indicate that he was charged with assault with injury, but it’s unclear at this time whether or not there was a new physical altercation between Max and Chloe, or if the recent charge was in relation to Max’s previous assault with injury arrest on December 30. (We are still trying to clarify exactly what happened.)

Later on Thursday, Chloe Mendoza posted a YouTube video (included below) in which she provided her fans with updates on her personal life, including her relationship status with Max. “To make it clear for all the websites out there: me and Max are not together right now,” Chloe says. However, Chloe makes it very clear that she plans to get back with Max eventually.

“One thing that might upset people is that I want to be with Max,” Chloe admits. “Obviously not right now, maybe not for like a year or two, but I do want to end up with him. Obviously.”

Chloe shares some information that seems to explain why Max has gotten in more trouble than usual over the past couple months. “Max was sober for about, like, a hundred-and-forty-something days, and he was living with me while he was sober,” Choe reveals. She described that time as “really good,” despite the fact that she and Max were adjusting to having their own place for the first time.

“It was hard at first, just because we had never lived on our own, and he had a job that he didn’t like, and it was just kind of rough,” Chloe says. “But once he found a job that he did like, and actually had good hours, everything was fine. He was sober. He had a good job. I was happy. Ava was happy. Everything was good.”


Things changed “a little less than a month ago” when Max relapsed, Chloe says, adding that the relapse was something she simply wasn’t expecting. “That really took a toll on me,” she continues. “Everything was just different since then…I don’t even know how to explain it. It just — everything was different since then.”

It was during this time that Chloe says she sent Max to live with his dad “so that he could figure out all of his court stuff, figure out, like, recovery or whatever — figure out all that stuff.”

Chloe expresses her frustration at being in the public eye and how websites will be doing articles about her video (like this one). “I don’t like when other people try and tell like my story, if that makes sense,” Chloe explains. “Why does there need to be an article written about this video when people can just watch this video?” she asks.

After sharing that frustration, Chloe returns to Max and she shares some of her thoughts about Max’s issues. “I just feel like he needs to get back to the place where he was, and to me it doesn’t really seem like he wants to do that right now. Or even if he does, to me it seems that he’s not weak, but isn’t strong enough to pull back and do 140 days sober again, you know what I mean?”

Despite pointing out Max’s inability and/or lack of motivation to remain sober right now, Chloe insists that he isn’t a bad person. She then says that she’s been blaming herself for Max’s addiction issues to some degree, and she’s trying to stop doing that.

In addition to her relationship with Max, Chloe also talked about her relationship with her mother, Jessica. She says that their relationship got worse after the last season ended, but a very public tragedy brought them back together:

There was a period in time, like a month or so ago, where it was really bad — our relationship was really bad. But then Kobe and Gianna Bryant passed away and, honestly, that just kind of, like, brought us back together. Yeah, like, literally the day that we had found out that Kobe and Gianna passed away, that’s really the day that we started talking again and being around each other, you know? So, everything has been really good since then. But, there was a period in time where it was really rough.”

Here’s Chloe’s full video, which also includes updates on how her and Max’s daughter Ava is doing as well as an update on how Chloe is handling being a college student at Arizona State University:

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