TRADING SPACES Carter Oosterhouse accused of sexual misconduct, wife Amy Smart comes to his defense

Carter Oosterhouse and Kailey Kaminsky

TLC recently announced that carpenter Carter Oosterhouse would be many of the familiar faces returning for their highly anticipated Trading Spaces reboot, but Carter’s return may be in jeopardy after a woman named Kailey Kaminsky recently came forward alleging that Carter pressured her into inappropriate sexual relations while she was working as a makeup artist on his show Carter Can.

Kailey Kaminsky, who was employed as Oosterhouse’s makeup artist in 2008, tells The Hollywood Reporter that she acquiesced to his demands for oral sex when the carpenter turned reality TV star threatened her employment after months of incessant badgering. “At that point I was a nervous wreck,” says Kaminsky. “I was so worn down from his advances, so I did: that day, on that occasion. It was the first time. Then thereafter it was most every time we would shoot — 10 to 15 times he put me in this position.”

Kailey, who identifies as a lesbian, recalls that the first instance occurred after she had been working with the show for a year. She says she and Carter were in a pickup truck together on location in his hometown of Traverse City, Michigan when the initial proposition happened.

“He’s like, ‘You know what would be a good idea? If you went down on me,'” she recalls. “I was shocked — it was so random. I said, in my sarcastic way, ‘Well, that’s not sexual harassment at all.’ He said, ‘I just think it would be fun.’ I made it clear that I did not think it would be fun. Still, I thought he was just goofing around.” Kaminsky adds that her subsequent persistent refusals “didn’t register. It was as if he had tunnel vision. He was determined to get a blow job.”

Kailey alleges that the propositions continued and shifted “from good-natured to pestering to, finally — while again in a vehicle together in early September — intimidating,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Kailey says that she was with Carter heading to a filming location when “he pulled off the road and said, ‘Do you enjoy your job?’ I said I did and in fact would like to work more, handling more of his personal appearances outside the show. He said, ‘Well, I can help you with that. But you need to do something for me.'”

Kailey says that she took the request as a threat on her employment and she acquiesced to his multiple requests from that point on. She also shares some graphic details about the encounters, including Carter’s preference for facials.

Carter Oosterhouse and wife Amy Smart

Carter Oosterhouse, who is now married to actress Amy Smart (above), issued a statement in response to the article and acknowledged that he did have a sexual relationship with Kailey, but he insists that it was “100% mutual.” He added in a follow-up interview with THR that “I didn’t apologize because I never did anything wrong. That’s the God’s honest truth. I felt bad that she was, in that moment, not-super-positive.”

Here is Carter’s full statement:

First off, let me say that I am very passionate about what is a happening right now with the #metoo movement, especially because I have so many strong woman in my life, like my wife, mother, sister and of course my little baby girl. We are in a time of change for society and I am behind it 100%.

I had an intimate relationship with Kailey 9 years ago and it was 100% mutual and consensual. In no way did I ever feel, nor was it ever indicated to me, that Kailey was uncomfortable during our intimate relationship. I would have never done anything that I was not sure was mutually agreeable.

The reality is that I knew it was consensual because she initiated it the first time and many of the 15 or so times we had relations thereafter. We were together outside of work and I considered her a friend.

I want to address a couple of the things she said. First, I didn’t have anything to do with her not being invited back to the show — that was a producer decision.

And as for the fact that she identifies as a lesbian — I didn’t know that — all I knew was that she was in a sexual relationship with another guy who worked on the show.

It’s upsetting that she now feels this way, I only wish her the best and truly hope that she can move forward.

Carter’s wife Amy Smart took to Instagram to share her support for her husband and father of their 11-month-old daughter Flora. Here is the family photo she posted followed by her full statement:

A post shared by amy smart (@smarthouse26) on

We are in a climate right now where it’s so wonderful and needed to have women coming forward to break their silence; it is vital and important for female equality. Period. A lot of the stories are horrific and need to be brought to light. This story, about my husband, Carter Oosterhouse, on the other hand, is now taking it too far and boundaries are being crossed. When you are in a CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP, then you need to take responsibility for engaging in that and not play victim. IF a relationship does not work out the way you want it to, then sorry, but that is the risk you take when getting intimate with another person. There are plenty of relationships I wish I could go back and make different choices about, but it was on me to decide. We need to take responsibility and learn from our mistakes and choices. Women are powerful and we need to be reminded of the strength and power we hold and learn ways to take care of ourselves so we don’t find ourselves saying yes when we really need to say no. The article is very damaging and cruel to one of the most kindest, loving, non-aggressive men I have the privilege of knowing and I am so sorry for these salacious words being thrown around, they are extremely hurtful. This type of reporting needs to stop, it’s so damaging for personal lives and careers and just not fair. Enough is enough, this is a plea to the writers, outlets and media…More due diligence needs to be done before crafting headlines and stories. Have discernment when you tell a story and please consider the source and story before just printing anything to get readers and viewers.

TLC has yet to respond to the allegations, and it is assumed that Carter will still be returning for the Trading Spaces reboot until the network announces otherwise. The show’s official Facebook page still has Carter’s return announcement video posted:

We will continue to keep an eye out for a statement from TLC and we will update when we have one.

In the meantime, I recommend to Carter that he delete this recent photo from his Facebook profile in which he is chumming it up with Mario Batali, who has stepped away from his businesses after being accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women:

Mario Batali and Carter Oosterhouse together

Mario later acknowledged his “past behavior” and then made things even worse by issuing an apology along with a cinnamon bun recipe.

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