TLC now casting for Trading Spaces reboot!

Trading Spaces cast

TLC announced back in March that they are bringing back their home decorating competition reality show phenomenon Trading Spaces, and this week they officially started casting for families, friends and neighbors wanting to be on the show!

From the official press release:

TLC Begins Casting Families, Friends and Neighbors for the Return of Hit Series Trading Spaces

After 10 years, TLC’s hit series TRADING SPACES, one of the most beloved home design shows that started the home makeover craze is returning and looking for families and neighbors who would like the chance to have a room in their home renovated. In turn, the other neighbor will have a room makeover at the same time. The participants will hand over the keys to their home and they, along with a designer and carpenter will re-imagine a room. The fun part? Each of the home owners do not have any input in the design process or outcome.

For those daring enough to participate, please go to and sign up for your chance to be a part of the show.

Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #TradingSpaces, ‘Like’ the Trading Spaces Facebook page, and watch more video on

The link for TLC casting included in the press release adds more info and another link:

We’re now casting for Trading Spaces Homeowners! To be a part of the show you must be neighbors. If you live across the street from each other that’s good, but next-door neighbors are even better! It’s also important that you have a relationship with your neighbors and that you know them well. Lastly, you’ve gotta be ready to have a blast with our Trading Spaces designers as they transform your home. For more details please go to!

The last link takes you to the actual application to be on Trading Spaces, including this list of requirements that must be met:

• Participants (Neighbors) must submit 2 pairs (teams) that wish to trade spaces.

• All participants must be over 18 years of age at time of submission.

• Participants must have a room in their home they are willing to have renovated/decorated at the discretion of the designer assigned to their space.

• Participants must be residents of the home they wish to trade.

• Participants must own the home they wish to trade.

• Teams must live no further than 1/4 mile from one another, with preference to those that live next door to one another.

• Neighbors must have a preexisting relationship with the team they wish to trade spaces with.

• All applicants must pass an extensive background check to be considered for the show.

The site notes: “Only those who meet these casting requirements will be contacted.”

Trading Spaces Paige Davis

In addition to meeting the requirements above and filling out the lengthy application, those wanting to appear on the show must submit a video of themselves no longer than five minutes that answers the following list of requests:

Tell us your names, where you live, and your occupations

Tell us about your relationship with each other

Enthusiastically explain why you would be the perfect neighbors for the show! We love to see personality, so have fun with this!

Give us a mini tour of your homes and say why you want our designers to come and help you make it over!

Give a statement saying the words, “Pick Us!” Be convincing and put your own spin on it.

If you’re using your phone to record the video, please remember to keep it horizontal!

Well, what are you waiting for?! Get to applyin’ y’all!

It’s still unclear who will be serving as host, but we’re still holding out hope that TLC will bring back Paige Davis. It’s also unclear if producers are casting for the decorators and carpenters to be featured on the show.

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