Is Megan McGlover the most entertaining weather reporter in America?

Megan McGlover "The Queen of Weather"

Megan McGlover is a California native who is OVER the weather in her adopted home of Atlanta, Georgia. During Snowpacalypsageddon 2011, also known as the time four inches of snow paralyzed a major southern city for six days, she recorded a series of hilarious videos to show her sister, friends, and family in warmer climates how crazy the weather was in Georgia.

Just like in a fairy tale, one of them went viral and racked up more than a million views on YouTube.  McGlover watched her Facebook friends jump to almost 3,000, and the TV appearance requests started pouring in.  Here’s the clip that exploded to provide all of you wannabe weather-persons a taste of the real-deal Holyfield:

She says, laughing:

“I had about six or seven hundred friends before this phenomenon hit…. I really thought I was sooo popular.”

When she’s not reporting on the weather for her thousands of new fans, McGlover is a lifestyle specialist – a mash-up of a motivational speaker, personal trainer, life coach, and bossy BFF. She says:

“I have obtained an enormous amount of interested clients for McGloverable [her business] due to the YouTube attention. Because I previously uploaded some exercise videos of myself, it was like cross-marketing. ”

Here’s Miss McGlover as motivational speaker. Let ye be warned, if you are feeling dispassionate today our lady of the ATL is gonna’ change your way of thinking!

McGlover plans to continue to use humor and compassion to reach people. Until she takes over the airwaves, you can check out her weather updates here.  And just so you know that Megan wasn’t a one-hit-wonder with her snow storm shout-outs, here’s the future lead for The Weather Channel with her most recent ATL weather update as of this post:

As Megan says, just don’t be stupid.

*** We want to give a special thanks to Atlanta resident and McGlover lover “The Frugal Hostess” for her write up on this post. If you’re interested in looking for ways to live great on the cheap while getting seasoned with sass and occasional left-leaning preachifications, and who isn’t, then I encourage you to check out her blog here.