Tony Romo’s New Girlfriend Natalie Smith Gallery Of Photos

UPDATE 9/1/09 Tony Romo is now rumored to be dating Chace Crawford’s sister: Candice Crawford. Click here to read about it.

Here is a gallery of pictures featuring Tony Romo’s rumored new girlfriend Natalie Smith.

Natalie is the 22-year-old daughter of John Smith, the associate athletic director at Tony Romo’s alma mater, Easter Illinois University, and has known Romo since he was in college.

This is all starting to sound eerily familiar…I think we have a little Hailey Glassman Jr. on our hands! (Jon Gosselin knew her through her father, who performed plastic surgery on his wife Kate)

Anyway, multiple sources tell US Weekly that Romo has been sending “flirty texts” to Natalie for months, starting well before he and Jessica Simpson broke up. Once source tells US that the couple “are are not officially dating, but they are having an intimate relationship.” A separate source says, “They’ve always flirted and texted each other. They had phone conversations one to two months before the breakup.”

Meanwhile, Natalie’s father is denying there is anything to the rumors (of course), telling People Magazine, “His breakup brought all these rumors and stories and it is not true.” He goes on to say, “What is funny about all of this is that if Tony hadn’t broken up with Jessica, nothing would ever have been written about him having lunch with Natalie.”

Well, we’re writing about it! So nyah! For those of you that didn’t skip all the words, it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for… The gallery of crappy, low resolution photos of Tony Romo’s rumored girlfriend! I love this stage of the rumor mill when there is a mad dash to facebook and myspace in hopes of being the one to uncover that bong photo or that great passed out drunk pic, and there’s only a small window of time before some site like radaronline is able to throw the right amount of money at the right classmate and all these “exclusive” non-blurry shots start to surface. Then, the dam bursts and the whole thing gets boring. Well, enjoy this exciting time while it lasts! Here they are: (Alas, no holy grail bong photo)

Tony Romo girlfriend Natalie Smith

Tony Romo girlfriend Natalie Smith

Tony Romo and his new girlfriend Natalie Smith

Tony Romo girlfriend Natalie Smith

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