Tiger Woods car accident reenactment videos with wife Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods talks to wife Elin Nordegren about mistress Rachel Uchitel

There are rumors that one or more of the many security cameras on Tiger Wood’s property captured his infamous car accident and some of the events that led up to it, but none of the actual tapes have surfaced and probably won’t until police obtain a warrant. But, the wonderful folks over in China have filled in the visual blanks for us!

Check out this animation of the events from November 27 from a Chinese news station:

I think getting the actual video would only be a disappointment at this point! Here are a couple more of my favorite stills:

Video still of Elin Nordegren chasing husband Tiger Woods with a golf club

Tiger Woods facial lacerations

Not to be outdone, some Americans created their own reenactment video of the Tiger Woods car accident using real people. In addition to using live action, another major difference is that these prophetic videographers actually did a preenactment!!! The video is at least a month old! That being said, I think they did a fantastic job! You should be warned that these troubadours are some diligent preenactors and in order to portray the event as accurately as possible they did use a great deal of profanity and there are some violent scenes including a pickup, a child and a Z-28:

(I should warn you that the site advertised in the video should not be visited if you’re at work and your boss can see your computer screen, unless of course you work at a brothel or Vivid Entertainment.)

Tiger’s wife is kinda unpleasant! And they must have really Photoshopped all those modeling photos! One of my many many many favorite parts from the video are Tiger’s neighbors who are gathered on their porch to watch the free show.

Preenactment nit-pickers will point out that Tiger’s accident took place at 2:20 AM and this video was obviously shot during daylight hours. My guess is that they didn’t have the budget for proper night time lighting. Most of their budget was spent on a golf club and body work for the truck and car.

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