The truth is out! Somebody on Real Housewives of New Jersey was a stripper

So far on Real Housewives of New Jersy A LOT of tears have been spilled and screams have been hurled over who is or isn’t a stripper. The major plot point of the end of Season 4 was about a set-up of Melissa Gorga by her former employer (a strip club owner.) From everything we’ve seen, it looks like Melissa did work at a strip club as a bartender, but the major issue seems to be about whether or not she was set up and by whom (Posche store owner Kim D has admitted that she kind of arranged the thing.)

Joe Guidice claims that Jacqueline Laurita was a stripper, and that her husband met her at a strip club in Vegas. Jacqueline denies that she was ever a stripper, and says she met her husband Chris at a trade show in Chicago.

But the truth is out now, and we know for sure that one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast members WAS a stripper: Joe Gorga was a Chippendales guy!

He’s actually still kind of a stripper now because he’s constantly getting naked in front of the cameras.

When Andy Cohen asked him “Joe, I gotta ask, What is it with you and being naked? You love it.”

Joe: “I love it. When you got it, you gotta show it.”

At some point during the last installment of the reunion when everyone was yelling about who called who a stripper, Joe Gorga really got his feathers ruffled “What’s the problem with a stripper?” he yelled. “But I don’t understand!” Chris Laurita chimed in “We’re talking about stripper like we’re talking about serial killer.”

Then, Andy Cohen brought it up, looking at Joe Gorga “Speaking of strippers, I actually heard that you were a stripper of the Chippendales variety.”

Joe responded emphatically “Absolutely! Look at me! Yes I was. I did it a year . . . you know what? I had a G-string that looked like an elephant.”

Teresa chimed in that she found her brother’s G-string.

So there you go: Joe was a stripper, and he owns it!