Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Danielle Staub / Beverly Merrill Excerpts From Book Cop Without A Badge

Cop Without a Badge by Kevin Maher and Charles Kipp

The diligent reporters at acquired a copy of the true crime masterpiece Cop Without A Badge: The Extraordinary Undercover Life of Kevin Maher which contains detailed observations about the early life of professional dancer and coke aficionado Beverly Merrill. Merrill is now going by the name of Danielle Staub on the newest installment of the hit Bravo Housewives franchise The Real Housewives of New Jersey and the girls have caught wind of her “interesting” past. On the show Danielle is on the prowl for her next sugar daddy, but is currently relieving her boredom through phone sex with strangers and giving bjs to a 50-year-old man who claims to be 26. She’s having trouble relating to the other cast members, who fear for the health of their single sons and the safety of their kidnap-able daughters. But they can take comfort in Kevin Maher’s assessment of Beverly/Danielle, who he says “has no morals, but she’s a good person.” Huh?

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Here are some slightly more damning (and coherent) quotes from the book, including the “good but no morals” gem as well as numerous descriptions of Beverly and Kevin’s fairy tale romance:

The book’s description of Beverly / Danielle’s involvement with the kidnapping:

”Some rich kids kept saying he didn’t have the money. But the DD knew the father was some rick old f**k, so the DD [dealer] grabbed the kid. Beat the s**t out of him for three days. Didn’t feed him. Kept telling the kid that if his father didn’t send money, he was going to kill them . . .

‘She was there man’, Uribe said with a sigh. ‘She was there through the whole f**king thing. She was partying with the DD for a month straight.”

What Kevin Maher thinks after meeting the pantiless Beverly/Danielle in Miami:

She’s beautiful. I hope she’s not just another coke wh*re.

After a couple lines of coke and romp in the sack Kevin has a startling revelation about Beverly/Danielle:

She has no morals, but she’s a good person.

Coke-fuelled insights don’t lie and within hours Maher is “in love,” forgetting completely that at that time he is still married to a woman named Beth, who is a VP at The Economist and probably isn’t as fun and interesting as a woman who’s kidnapped a boy, takes her clothes off for money, sleeps with every man she meets that has a little spare change and snorts cocaine with a snorkel.

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