The Colliers, another polygamist family featured on SISTER WIVES, have split up

When the Brown family of Sister Wives visited Nathan Collier and his two wives Vicki and Christine in a Season 8 that aired January 2015, the Montana-based family was actively seeking a third wife. In the subsequent years they also endured a legal battle in an attempt to obtain a marriage license for Nathan’s second wife Christine. That fight was unsuccessful and Christine has reportedly left the family.

The Sun reports that Christine confirmed to them that she split from Nathan in July 2022 and is now in a different relationship.

The Browns took an RV trip to meet the Colliers, and during the trip Kody fought with Christine Brown on camera. Christine was upset that Kody wanted to meet up with him childhood friend who had rejected Kody’s polygamist practices and told him to leave three of his wives. Ultimately Kody blamed the issue on Christine’s PMS.

Later, Kody offended his wife Janelle by bonding over the “hell” of women’s periods with Nathan.

The Browns, who did not keep up a friendship with the Montana family, were very curious to find out why the Colliers decided to be polygamous. Kody especially didn’t consider this life choice to be suitable for most people at the time. Robyn, however, was clear that she thought everyone should life polygamously.

Nathan shared that he grew up in the LDS, and was a “polygamist” before he knew what it was. Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon LDS faith practiced polygamy, but the practice was banned in the mainstream church.

“I believe that if you remove social expectation out of the equation, polygamy’s completely natural,” Nathan Collier said at the time about why he chose to have more than one wife.

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