Teresa Giudice paid $6,500 by In Touch for apology letters

Teresa Giudice reportedly paid for her In Touch apology letters to cast mates

In jaw-droppingly shocking reality star news, it turns out The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice may have been motivated by more than regret when she allowed tabloid In Touch to publish a series of apology letters from her to her fellow cast mates last week. The table-flipping, financially challenged New York Times best-selling author reportedly got paid $6,500 for the “I’m sorries,” confirming the suspicions and doubts of some of her cast mates who questioned the earnestness of Teresa’s apologies.

Though the 6,500 apolo-Gs aren’t really that big of a surprise (even reality stars gotta pay the bills y’all!), the source of the information is. Normally at the root of these reports are anonymous sources “close to the situation” or just a plain “insider,” but the $6,500 amount is coming straight from an In Touch editor! (Though the editor did remain anonymous.)

“Why send a private letter when you can have In Touch deliver the news to everyone?” the editor asks The Huffington Post’s Naughty But Nice Rob. “It’s so emotional to read that Teresa missed her friendship with Jacqueline and that she has nothing but love in her heart for Kathy. It’s a fantastic story that any magazine would love to have as an exclusive in exchange for only $6,500.”

Fellow RHONJ cast member Jacqueline Laurita did some virtual eye rolling in the form of tweets after the letters came out, sharing in the opinion of many others that the apologies were just a publicity stunt to save face for Teresa, who is rapidly turning into an isolated, unsympathetic and completely irrational villainess on the show (bascially filling the shoes of her former nemesis Danielle Staub). I’m sure the eye rolling will turn into multiple SMDHs after this story makes the rounds.

Here’s one of Jacqueline’s tweets from a few days ago:

4give me4being upset,I wanted2believe the apology was sincere.When I called her,it got intense w/rehashing past.Thought she wanted2move4ward 5 days ago via Mobile Web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

And it appears as though things are only going to get worse for Teresa on screen this season. “I think this season is cut and dry,” Melissa Gorga says. “You will see it. There’s nothing being hidden. It’s all laid out for you to make your own decision.”

The countdown timer on Teresa Giudice’s seemingly inevitable self implosion has long since passed zero, so who knows – maybe she has perfected the art of turning a downward spiral into a newsworthy orbit – a perpetual and never-ending train wreck, the Holy Grail of reality programming and tabloid media!