Teen Mom Leah Messer’s friend Amy LaDawn lays down the hater law on Facebook

Leah Messer Calvert's wedding in South Carolina from OK! magazine

As we reported back in April, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer got hitched to her fiance Jeremy Calvert during a secret ceremony in Catlettsburg, Kentucky on April 4. She followed that up on June 11, 2012 with a lakeside beach ceremony in Murrells Inlet, South Carlina where the couple took their vows again in front of 15-20 of the couple’s close friends and family, including fellow Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry and her boyfriend Javi. (The photo above is from the OK! magazine article on their S.C. wedding – You can read more about it HERE)

Leah Messer recently made the marriage official on social media by changing her name on Twitter to Leah D. Calvert. That change brought her recent marriage back to the forefront of discussion on Leah’s Facebook fan page, with a number of people expressing some rather negative opinions about Leah getting married again “so soon” after her divorce from Corey Simms.

Leah is an admin on the Facebook page, but it was her close friend Amy LaDawn Nichols who decided to take it upon herself to not only shut down the haters, but do so with a lengthy, well-written diatribe expressing how happy Leah and Jeremy are and how the Facebook “fan” page is supposed to be for just that – fans. She makes her point eloquently before revealing that further negative comments won’t be tolerated. But why do I continue to write when Amy LaDawn did it so well?

Leah Messer Calvert's friend Amy LaDawn Nichols

Okay, so let me just start by saying that I know a lot of people are against Leah being married twice now and they are saying horrible things about it..I see it everywhere.. including on my personal page.

BUT NEWSFLASH guys, nothing you say about it or any of your negative opinions are taking away the fact that she is ALREADY married. Its just taking away from her happiness when she has to read such horrible things people say about it. Which she doesn’t deserve.

Also before you judge her for the decision she made.. you should see the way Leah and Jeremy are together in person, not just on TV, cause its nothing like the way her and Corey were.

Her and Corey were together and got married for different reasons.. mostly pressure, the girls, and teen mom related issues.

Although Leah and Jeremy are together and married cause THEY WANTED TO BE, not because they felt like they had to be or that it was the right thing to do. And they were not in anyway pressured. They honestly wanted & loved each-other for all the RIGHT reasons. That is what makes this marriage different.

Yeah, Leah and Jeremy have been only been together for 11 months and yes, to some it was early, but if you seen:

– the amount of love they have for each other
– how successful they have been together
– the things that they have and built there home/family around
– the way they come together with Ali and Aleeah
– the way Jeremy loves all 3 of them more than anything

And all the other great aspects of their relationship, you would understand why they are married (yes, even if it was fast) and why they deserve nothing but the best in life. They are a very happy and successful couple. So why cant they be married??

The arguments against it are that shes only 20, her last marriage didnt work so obviously this one wont, and the fact that they were only together 11 months.

However her age, her last marriage, and how long they’ve been together does not relate to or even begin to measure the amount of LOVE, TRUST, RESPECT, and HAPPINESS that went into her decision to be married to Jeremy, nor should it be used to determine her ability to get remarried.

Marriage is about Love, Family, Respect, Faith-fullness, Happiness, Trust, etc. The bond between two souls. Not age, marriage history, ect. And Leah and Jeremy have all of the above and lots of it.

I mean I understand people are entitled to their opinions and what not, but this is her FAN page. This is a place for positive posts and encouragement, not a bunch of ridicule or negative thoughts. If you dont like what shes done, go post it somewhere else or unlike the page, its fairly simple..because we dont need or want to see it here. Point blank.

Be respectful. You are here on this page and have made the choice to be here we didn’t make you LIKE it, therefore you should respect the fact that WE do not tolerate the amount of disrespect that has been posted.

– Amy LaDawn

BOOM! Leah’s mom, Dawn Spears (who is also an admin on the page), chimed in her support of Amy’s speech by adding:

“Amy i am glad you wrote that cause now i can DELETE & BAN those that HATE lol! opinions are fine and dandy but rudeness will GO!!!!! LOL Momma Dawn”

That deserves a Amy LaDawn/Leah Messer Calvert flashback photo wouldn’t you say?

Leah Messer Calvert with good friend Amy LaDawn Nichols

***CORRECTION When the article was originally published it stated that Leah was not an admin on her Facebook page, which is incorrect. The statement has been edited to reflect the fact that LEah is in fact an admin on her official Facebook page 🙂