TEEN MOM Kayla Sessler pregnant, first child with boyfriend Ryan Leigh

Teen Mom Kayla Sessler is pregnant again, first child with new boyfriend Ryan Leigh

Congratulations to Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’s Kayla Sessler! The 25-year-old reality star just announced she is currently pregnant with her third child, her first with boyfriend Ryan Leigh!

The announcement came via a glamorous maternity photo posted by Kayla earlier today:

Kayla’s sizable baby bump is clearly on display, wrapped in a form-fitting, bedazzled dress. Also on display is Kayla’s new man, Ryan.

“Made with love,” Kayla captioned the image, along with an angel baby emoji.

Kayla hasn’t shared any additional information publicly, such as a due date or whether she’s having a boy or a girl. However, Kayla’s mom Jaime did confirm in the comments that Kayla and Ryan know the sex of the baby.

UPDATE – Kayla posted a sonogram taken on October 13 that indicated she was 17 weeks pregnant at the time. That would mean she is likely due some time in March!

Kayla Sessler and Ryan Leigh dating history

Kayla has been posting lots of photos with Ryan on social media, but she hasn’t shared a lot of information about their relationship publicly.

However, the 25-year-old recently opened up a bit in a YouTube video answering fans’ questions. (The video is included at the bottom of this article.)

“How long have you and Ryan been together?” one fan asked.

Well, Ryan and I have actually been together for over a year now,” Kayla revealed. “It just seems so new to you guys because we just recently announced on social media a few months ago.”

Kayla added that keeping their relationship on the down low publicly was her decision.

“It was really important to me that I could just enjoy my relationship in private,” she said. “I knew you guys were going to have a lot of negative things to say because of who he was and all the stuff that happened in the past, so I just wanted to enjoy my relationship without the, you know, BS of social media.”

Ryan has a young son and a fan asked Kayla how it’s going in regards to blending their families.

“A lot of the time the dad is the secondary parent,” Kayla began her answer. “In this case, Ryan’s the primary parent, so it’s definitely a unique situation we have going on.”

Despite the unique situation, Kayla said “it works well,” adding that “the kids get along great.”

Kayla said the most difficult thing about the blended family is she and Ryan have different parenting styles.

“I’m really lenient when it comes to the kids, and he’s a lot more structured,” Kaylas revealed.

“When you’re parenting, you can’t have two parents that are singing different songs and then expect the kids to be able to keep up with the melody. So, we really had to make sure we were able to get on the same page so that the kids wouldn’t be confused on what’s expected from them.”

She pointed out that this was more of a her and Ryan issue and iterated that the kids have adjusted to each other quite well.

The new baby will have a big brother on Ryan’s side, and will be joining 6-year-old Izaiah (Stephan’s son) and four-year-old Ariah (Luke’s daughter) on Kayla’s side.

Congratulations to Kayla and Ryan! I will conclude with Kayla’s Q&A YouTube video so you can hear all of her answers:

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