Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie McKee hospitalized with due date looming

Mackenzie Douthit Baby Girl

Teen Mom 3‘s Mackenzie McKee is back in hospital for low blood sugars. As a brittle Type 1 diabetic, this is familiar territory for the MTV star — but everything is complicated by the fact she is 36 weeks pregnant. (Shown above at her baby shower in mid-January.)

Although the hospital is the best place for Mackenzie to get her blood sugars stabilized, she doesn’t seem too fond of health professionals right now.

“I have to see a diabetic specialists along with a regular baby doctor… My first visit I was sick and running a little late and told them I wasnt feeling good and the lady said ‘well your Twitter says your going to the fair tonight so your lying’ so I ignore it and go on to tell her I have a lot of trouble with my disease and I eat VERY healthy and still have to take a lot of insulin and her reply was ‘I don’t believe that,'” Mackenzie recently said on Facebook, adding the nurse called her a liar on at least two other occasions based on what the nurse saw on Mackenzie’s social media accounts. “I asked her to please just help me out with my disease like a doctor should and please stop stalking my fb and twitter. She than starts yelling at me along with three others in the background saying they can look at my social media if they want.”

Angie Douthit then called the doctor’s office to ask about the situation, but Mackenzie said the nurse hung up on her. A few days later, Mackenzie got a letter saying the doctor decided to drop her as a patient.

“Here I am about to pop and having the worst blood sugars not knowing if my daughter is gonna be ok because they did this and I have no diabetic care. Anyways please pray for me and baby girl.”

UPDATE Based on her new tweet from the hospital, Mackenzie seems to be feeling better…

Wishing her a speedy blood sugar stabilization so she can get a few more days with her family of three before baby makes four!

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