TEEN MOM 2 Jo Rivera’s fiancee Vee says this is her last season

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It appears that this may be the last season of Teen Mom 2 for fan favorite star Vetzabe “Vee” Torres. Vee, who is the fiancée of Kail Lowry’s ex Jo Rivera and mother of Jo’s daughter Velisse, revealed the news on Twitter on Thursday.

A fan tweeted at Vee to let her know that she missed seeing her on the show, and Vee responded by tweeting: “It’s my last season and I won’t be on much this one either. Sorry boo!!”

I should point out that Vee didn’t say this will (or won’t) be Jo’s last season, just hers. It is possible that they have decided that she and daughter Vivi will leave and not Jo. (Jo’s gig is such a sweet deal that I cannot imagine him stepping away!)

Vee’s departure announcement comes just four months-ish before she will walk down the aisle and officially tie the knot with Jo after SEVEN YEARS together. Yes, that’s right — Jo and Vee have been together for seven years, which is longer than any other couple on Teen Mom 2. Long-time fans will recall that Vee appeared in Jo’s rap music video for his song “Unthinkable Remix” back in early 2011, and the two have been together ever since.

The specific wedding details are still unknown, just as Vee would prefer it I’m sure.

The wedding isn’t the only great thing headed Vee’s way! She revealed back in March that her days of isolation in Delaware were nearly over as both her mother and her sister were planning to move closer. “My sister is moving to DE soon and I am the happiest person alive!” Vee tweeted on March 16, adding: “It’s been a great freaking day ???”

Moments later the news got even better. “My mom will be moving too so that’s all I wanted ?? I couldn’t be happier,” Vee wrote.

Speaking of “couldn’t be happier,” that’s exactly how I feel in regards to Jo and Vee. I think the fact that the two of them have remained together surprised a lot of people, including myself — at least based on their origin story and some of the early scenes. Now the two of them seem absolutely rock solid and all set to live their lives post-MTV.

In case you missed it, Vee recently received her realtor’s license and is currently a real estate agent in Delaware. Jo revealed on the “Being Vee” special that he is also pursuing some business ventures in real estate, but it’s unclear exactly what those are.

If you’re as saddened by the news that this will be Vee’s last season of Teen Mom 2 as I am, please be aware that she does have a Youtube channel. She doesn’t post very often, but when she does, it’s usually a wonderful snapshot of the Rivera family.

[the video once linked to in this post has been deleted]

We can now start the countdown before we all get inundated on social media with the inevitable “Shocking! Teen Mom 2 star quits the show!” posts. ?

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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