Tara Wallace takes to social media to laugh at critics of her pregnancy with Love & Hip Hop co-star Peter Gunz

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It’s been a few days since the “Tara Wallace pregnant” story swept across the internet like a crazed janitor in a B-movie, thanks to the Love & Hip Hop star’s revelation in this week’s episode. Though “Tara Wallace pregnant” rumors were rampant in the run-up to the episode, the news shocked many fans–and it seems like almost all of them have since been critical of Tara’s decision to keep what will be her third child with Peter Gunz. Wallace, though, has taken to social media to lay a volley of flak down against her critics.

During a therapy session with Dr. Jeff (pictured to her right above), Tara revealed that she did indeed keep Peter Gunz’s baby. This sent the Love & Hip Hop community into a frenzy of commentary, most of it negative, and almost all of it directed at Tara. It was only a few days earlier that LHH co-star Amina Buddafly revealed she, too, had gotten pregnant by Gunz, but that she decided to go ahead with an abortion. Because of Amina’s decision, it was widely believed that any Tara Wallace pregnant stories would end the same way.

Not that Tara is one to let any criticism bother her. Here’s a quick rundown of her Instagram feed over the past couple of days; you’ll quickly notice a theme emerge:

I am in a great space and sorry u guys are so mad! My baby is on the way and my boys and I are so happy??

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Worry abt your path and just be entertained by what I share with mine.

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In fact, Tara is so chill about the whole situation that she’s even sidestepping critics to get in a little pregnancy-related product placement:


Tara Wallace pregnant 3

So–Tara’s got her side of the situation under control. What about the baby’s father? As you might expect, Peter Gunz has been a man of few(er) words about the whole thing, but his responses have been just as pointed:

In the meantime, VH1 just released a new teaser for next week’s Love & Hip Hop episode. It focuses on breakout star Candi B instead of the Tara Wallace pregnancy, though there’s little doubt that the baby just became one of this season’s major plots:   (Photo credits: Tara Wallace pregnant via Instagram)

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