RHOC Taylor Armstrong: movie star? Watch trailer for her new film Guardians!

It’s the Bravo comeback fans have been cheering for.

Not only is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong the first ever to switch franchises, but in addition to joining Real Housewives of Orange County she’s also starring in a feature film!

Watch the trailer for Guardians below, and see the other projects Armstrong is adding to her resume!

The rise, fall, and rise of Taylor Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong starred on RHOBH for its first two seasons. Even if you’re not a Housewives fan, it’s likely you’ll recognize the star as she ended up as the internet meme “Woman yelling at cat.

Her time on the series ended in tragedy when it was revealed her abusive husband Russel Armstrong had committed suicide at the age of 47.

Buried in debt and a widower, Armstrong had a tough couple of years rebuilding from the ground up… but fans will be happy to hear Taylor is back IN A BIG WAY!

Not only is she the first Housewife to switch franchises, transferring from Beverly Hills to the Real Housewives of Orange County, but she’s also breaking into Hollywood… with not one but THREE films on the way!


Guardians is a feature film, written and directed by Rich Walker, also starring Wil Wilson and Willa Darian.

The trailer, seen below, just dropped and we think Armstrong looks (and acts!) amazing as Dr. Renee Kennedy.

We aren’t 100% sure if this is the case, but if Taylor had input on her characters name it’s very possible the Dr.’s moniker is a shoutout to her now 17 year old daughter Kennedy Armstrong.

The IMDB description of the film states: A charismatic minister works closely with a guardian angel to save people in life threatening situations.

Armstrong’s future projects

IMDb also gives us a clue into Taylor Armstrong’s future acting endeavors. The actress has two projects listed in pre-production.

In addition to filming RHOC, Armstrong is slated to star in two other Rich Walker productions.

The Squid/Miami: Three hot and savvy girls (The Squad) are on track to sell $10 million worth of drugs during spring break, forcing a lethal assassin out of retirement to stop them.


Masterpiece: An intuitive detective tracks a psychologically deranged man who is kidnapping and killing young piano players.

Congrats on the comeback, Taylor Armstrong! You’ll always be much more than a meme to us!

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