BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Sojaboy Usman ‘seriously sick,’ Lisa confirms it isn’t coronavirus

Before the 90 Days Usman Sojaboy sick Lisa confirms it is not coronavirus

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Usman (aka Sojaboy) has his fans concerned after he announced earlier today that he is “seriously sick.” Usman didn’t share many details about his illness, and Doctor Baby Girl Lisa Hamme heightened concerns by saying that prayers were “definitely needed for him” in hopes that “it’s not corona or malaria.”

Usman’s statement about his illness came in a text graphic posted to Instagram. The full message reads: “I’m seriously SICK 🤕 Pls i need ur prayer 🙏🙏🙏” He captioned the text graphic by simply adding three more praying hands emoji.

Instagrammer John Yates shared Usman’s post and wrote: “Hope Usman gets well.”

Lisa responded to John with her concerns. “👏Prayers definitely needed for him that it’s not corona or malaria 😢,” Lisa wrote.

Hours later, Lisa provided another update on her own Instagram page. “Yes it’s TRUE Usman is sick and all prayers are welcome,” Lisa confirmed. “By God’s Grace he will be fine!! Feel better my Soja luv,” she added, before signing off with BGL.

She quickly followed that up with another update, sans punctuation:

Will keep you updated on my Babylove as soon as I hear from @officialahmedino @uhmkaraye @badmusbello Or my Soja himself just pray in meantime I have spoken to my Babylove less then an hour my line will be kept open for communication with Nigeria Thank you all


Both Lisa and Usman were asked by numerous fans about any sort of specifics regarding his illness and/or symptoms, but neither of them would elaborate. Usman revealing that he is “seriously sick,” plus Lisa’s comment about hoping it isn’t corona or malaria, combined with the lack of any specifics apparently inspired some bloggers to speculate about Usman having the coronavirus. That DID NOT sit well with Lisa!

She shared this very angry response in her Instagram story:

Let me squash these crazy ass bloggers right damn now Usman is sick but to state that he has coronavirus hellfire to each of you who report such sh*t I’m still BGL an still ain’t putting up with y’all bullsh*t

Regardless of what illness Usman has, we certainly wish him a speedy recovery! In other words…

🎶 I will pray for you
anyting you want
I will do for Uuuuuuusman 🎶

UPDATE – Baby Girl Lisa just did an Instagram Live session in which she stated flatly that Usman does not have the coronavirus. “No, Soja does not have COVID,” she replied to someone who asked. “Just because some crazy ass blogger put that out there. Trust me, he does not have it.”

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