BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Photos of Gino without a hat and with hair!

Before the 90 Days Gino with hair

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Gino Palazzolo and Frosty the Snowman have at least one thing in common: you won’t see either of them without a hat!
“I started wearing a hat, I don’t know how many years ago, because I have lost my hair over time,” Gino explains to producers after refusing to remove his ball cap during an interview segment.

“When I don’t have a hat on, I feel like I’m naked or something,” Gino continues.

Being without a hat isn’t entirely like being naked for Gino. He admits that he has sent his Panamanian girlfriend Jasmine naked videos, but she still hasn’t seen his bare scalp.

“Jasmine knows about my hair and stuff — or the hair I don’t have — but in video chat, you know, I always have my hat on because I prefer how I look with the hat on.”

Surely Gino will pull back on his “hat all the time” policy when he meets Jasmine in Panama City, right?
“I’m packing three of my favorite hats and I’ve already told her, ‘I’ll be wearing my hat always, except when I’m sleeping.'”
So, it seems Jasmine will finally get a peek at Gino’s noggin once he goes to sleep.

Gino with hair

It’s unclear if Before the 90 Days viewers will ever get to see Gino’s bald head, but that doesn’t mean we have to go without seeing Gino hatless!

Check out these throwback photos of Gino back when he had a full head of hair, and had yet to develop his melon topper dependency:
Before the 90 Days Gino throwback photo with no hat

Gino from Before the 90 Days throwback photos

90 Day Fiance Gino throwback photo with Princess Diana wax figure

Next we will throw it WAAAAY back to check out Jasmine’s pequeño gringo bonito when he was a child:

Before the 90 Days Gino childhood photo

To find out if Gino ever bares his head for Jasmine and/or TLC cameras, be sure to tune if to new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC!

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