Snooki and The Situation kiss! Watch Online Jersey Shore Season Finale “That’s How the Shore Goes” full episode 9 video

Watch the full final episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore titled “That’s How the Shore Goes.”

Snoooki and The Situation hook up in the hot tub in the Jersey Shore season finale

Things get a little emotional in Seaside Heights as the crew wraps up their summer on the Jersey Shore.

Ronnie kicks things off by getting out of jail after being arrested the night before for assaulting some guy named Stephen Izzo, knocking him unconscious with “one shot.” While everyone else relaxes on the beach, The Situation gets his creep on chasing what looks like a 16-year-old girl. Snooki gets the rejection doubleshot from Cowboy Keith and a former boyfriend she runs into on the Boardwalk, but finds solace in the surprisingly kind and seemingly wise words of Mike.

Everyone helps out with a cookout and the crew reminisces about the summer and their favorite felonious assaults. Later Snooki goes out just like she came in: “with a bang” – by hooking up with The Situation in the hot tub! Before you know it, everyone is packing up their Ed Hardy t-shirts and driving off.

I was surprisingly sad by the end of the episode. The world felt just a little bit less entertaining.

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