SISTER WIVES Robyn thinks Christine didn’t try in her marriage to Kody, Janelle disagrees

Sister Wives‘s Robyn and Janelle Brown have very different viewpoints when it comes to how hard Christine and Kody tried to save their 25-year marriage. Robyn is angry about Christine leaving, feels it’s a “waste,” and doesn’t think she tried. Meanwhile, Janelle thinks that both Christine and Kody tried so much that she repeated the word “tried” multiple times during the third part of their Season 16 One-on-One interview with Sukanya Krishnan.

Christine says she is divorced, Kody says they are no longer married (he seems to avoid the word “divorce,”) but Robyn doesn’t think they are truly divorced.

When Robyn says she thinks Christine leaving is a “waste,” Sukanya asks Robyn to help her understand what she means.

“Because they’re two functioning people that could figure it out,” Robyn says. “And . . .” she says before tearing up. “I don’t see why giving up in an option when you haven’t actually tried to fix it.”

She goes on to say that she is “frustrated and angry, and devastated by Christine’s choice.” Robyn sees Christine and her kids as part of her own “big picture.” She goes on to say that she’s wanted to have a close relationship with Christine for years.

Meanwhile, Janelle says that Christine and Kody have, in fact, tried. She feels this word fits so much she used it at least six times She says they “tried, and tried, and tried, and they have tried. They’ve been to counseling. They’ve tried. On both sides, they’ve tried, and I think it just got to the point where they just realized it didn’t work anymore.”

Janelle goes on to question how this divorce will affect their identities because they’ve been a part of this marriage together for 25 years. “Who are you if that no longer exists?” Janelle asks. She says her main goal right now is trying to figure out how to not take sides.

Meri says she doesn’t even know how Christine’s divorce will affect her life. Since Meri is currently mostly estranged from the family and Kody has basically said that he no longer wants any relationship with her, Christine’s absence probably had not had a profound effect on Meri’s everyday life.

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