Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s emotional affair exposed by vengeful catfish


The Brown family is facing one of their most unique challenges yet as Meri Brown reportedly engaged in an emotional affair with someone she believed was a successful businessman — and is now being publicly shamed by the woman who was actually behind the elaborate plot.

As viewers of Sister Wives know, Meri has been in transition mode since getting a “paper divorce” from Kody Brown so he could officially marry Robyn Brown for the purpose of “legally restructuring” their polygamous relationship. Although Meri’s said she’s still committed to the marriage, there have been reports that she was moving on from Kody and the other wives. That all sets the stage for the apparent affair…

As All About the Tea reported earlier this month, Meri connected with a handsome man named Samuel Cooper (aka @notbatmanyet) when he offered her a business opportunity.

Samuel Cooper - Meri Brown Catfish
The picture “Samuel Cooper” uses across his social media channels.

Several other social media accounts, including those of a “Lindsay” and “Mark Smith,” converse with Sam as though they are associates. Meri communicated with several of these accounts on Twitter dozens of times, saying at one point to Sam that “your charming self is plenty!”

However, the only person who has ever represented Sam’s business in person is a woman named Jackie Overton (as “Lindsay”), pictured at the top. Sometime this summer — possibly around July 20, when she last responded to Sam on Twitter — Meri realized she was being scammed and cut off communication. Since then, the puppet accounts have been out to expose Meri and Sam’s relationship by releasing love letters and numerous voicemails supposedly left by Meri. In them, she said “I love you,” called him “baby,” and told him their relationship is more passionate than anything she’s experienced.

Sam’s private Twitter account has also released several provocative pictures of and (allegedly) from Meri, including one from the bathtub and one with “SAM” written on an arm.

Through it all, the multiple accounts run by Jackie maintain they are legitimate. In “his” latest blog post yesterday, Sam even appealed to Meri, saying, “I have proven we loved each other and were together for 6 months… I pray for your happiness Meri. Leave him when you are ready. And go live the life you told me you wanted.”

No one from the Brown family has addressed the situation…but it doesn’t look like Jackie plans to go away quietly.

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