“Shia LaBeouf Goes Craft Shopping” Lame Photo of the Day 12-17-09

Shia LaBeouf gets his craft on in Sherman Oaks December 16, 2009

All this serious news today was getting me kinda down. We lost Chris Henry and Jessica Jones and Access Hollywood lost Nancy O’Dell. I needed to be cheered up. It seemed like a good time to revisit The Lame Photo of the Day!

Today’s lame entry is literally lame if you consider the fact that Shia LaBeouf’s hand is still busted up from his truck accident earlier this year. But, that’s not what earned him the honor. Nope, he earned that honor just by shopping for crafts with his girlfriend in Sherman Oaks December 16, 2009.

There are more photos in the series that include Carey Mulligan (Shia’s girlfriend), but I think this picture captures the loneliness and existential angst of the human spirit – a soul desperately seeking, searching for something of meaning in an otherwise vapid existence. Is he looking for love? Does he long for suffering? Or is it meaning he’s reaching for? No, it’s an immasculate-sized can of craft paint.

Let’s all say it together…


I feel a little better already!

Photo: Fame Pictures
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