Sharon Stone Solution for Foot Odor? Botox Injection!

Details in Sharon Stone’s custody case are seeping out, revealing the trendsetting Britney flasher matriarch to be a little psychotic when it comes to medical treatment. In addition to misdiagnosing her son Roan with a spinal condition, Stone wanted to treat his smelly feet with Botox injections. Thankfully, Sharon’s ex-husband Phil Bronstein’s level-headedness won out and the podiferousness was cured with socks and foot deodorant. Perhaps the Hollywood fad of facial labia inflation can be attributed to Dr. Stone’s collagen injection therapy for cold sores.

Sharon Stone Botox Injection

*****NOTE – In case you were wondering, we researched Roan and found out he has his father’s last name of Bronstein, so he isn’t cursed with the name Roan Stone. He’s just cursed with the mom Sharon Stone.

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