RHOSLC Lisa Barlow controversial fur comments explained

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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Lisa Barlow is being put on blast for making controversial comments in defense of wearing real fur, saying it is better for the environment than synthetic.

See her infamous fur moments featured on BigBlondeHair.com, and what she said about them below…

Lisa Barlow Fur Comments

Lisa Barlow may be center snowflake of the hit reality tv series Real Housewives of Salt Lake City but audiences are constantly critical of her decisions off screen. Being accused of donating to Senator Ted Cruz during the 2016 election, the Blue Jay Seltzer founder is always under scrutiny from haters.

The latest ‘scandal’ from Lisa Barlow didn’t happen on RHOSLC but it does involve something that has been featured on the program several times: Barlow is promoting the wearing of real animal fur.

Is real fur better for the environment than faux?

Wearing fur is a taboo amongst celebrities because doing so requires the slaughtering of animals. Many feel that this is inhumane and not worth it in order to produce garments for fashion purposes. Oftentimes famous people speak out against the issue through organizations like PETA.

According to gitnux.org

Every year, over 90 million animals are killed for the fur fashion industry, with 44.4 million mink and 7.8 million foxes alone being killed for fur production. In 2021, the U.S. imported 64.2 million dollars worth of fur apparel, a decrease from 2019 and 2013.

An emerging argument in favor of real fur is that it is ‘better for the environment’ because faux materials are plastic, toxic, and unsustainable. Supporters of this stance, which include RHOSLC‘s Lisa Barlow, feel that wearing fur should not be chastised any more than eating animal products.

Goodmakertales.com explains…

As you might already have guessed, the process of making faux fur is far from sustainable. Between the use of petroleum-based raw materials and its energy-intensive finishing process, faux fur cannot be considered an eco-friendly fabric, and to make matters worse, the material is also believed to be incredibly toxic for our health and for marine life.

Fans on Twitter/X are split on the topic, with some defending her position and others completely destroying her for it. See her comments in the first post below:

Lisa Barlow Fur Moments

Lisa Barlow is a big supporter of fur and has had many major moments wearing the animal-based garments. The most fun account on Twitter/X Big Blonde Hair often highlights Barlow’s fur and where they can be purchased (both real and faux…)

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