VIDEO Miley Cyrus has a Chilean clone!

Cataina Larrañaga and Miley Cyrus comparison

After seeing the following videos I no longer question the fact that Miley Cyrus is a global superstar!  Who you are about to see is one Catalina Larragaña, a singing Chilean doppelganger of Miss Miley.

In the clip Catalina is competing on the Spanish language singing competition Me Nombre Es (My Name Is), a show that features performers who imitate known celebrity singers.  The young woman performs Miley’s smash hit “Party In the U.S.A.” in English and while her looks may trip you up I would have to say that her vocals will set the two apart:

Her likeness to Miley looks-wise is pretty incredible. So what do you think of Catalina?  The video already has thousands of views but it has a long way to go to reach Miley’s original which has received well over 200 million views!

Thanks to our friends with EMP Collective I can also provide you non-Spanish speaking readers with a translation of the clip.

First Lady: So I’m going to ask you because it’s very strange. You’re exactly like her. I imagine that in the street, everyone tells you that, kids, teens.

Catalina: Yes.

First Dude: Now we’ll see how Catalina surprises the judges.

Catalina: My name is Miley Cyrus.

Lady Judge: How old are you, Catalina?

Catalina: 17

Lady Judge: What song are you going to perform?

Catalina: “Party In the U.S.A.”

Lady Judge: Let’s go, then.

(Catalina Performs)

Big Judge Man: It’s very important for an artist to interpret what they’re singing. Think about it, this song is called “Party in the U.S.A. You had stage to spare, and an artist can’t waste their space, an artist should never have enough space. You have to (submit yourself to/turn yourself in to/succumb to/lose yourself in) the performance the way she does.

Other Dude: I think that she has time to improve and I’d like to give her the opportunity to move on to the next round.

Big Judge Man: I’d rather pass this time, so you could come back in the future more prepared so I can give you a huge yes.

Lady Judge: They’re leaving me in a tough spot, (to Catalina) are you going to work your voice?

Catalina: A lot

Lady Judge: To the max?

Catalina: To the max.

Lady Judge: Seriously?

Catalina: Totally.

Lady Judge: Totally?

Catalina: Yes.

Lady Judge: Then yes!

Other Dude and Lady Judge: Now work hard.

Catalina: Thank you so much!

Lady Judge: We’ll see you next time. Congratulations.

Here’s one more video of Catalina Larragaña performing “7 Things.”

Top Image: Mi Nombre Es / Rui M Leal ->

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