Rob Kardashian launches high-end sock line Arthur George

If there’s any certain truth in the land of “reality” TV it’s that the Kardashians will try and sell us anything. And hey, I ain’t hatin’, they’re pretty freaking good at. This time around it’s brother Rob as he’s finally achieved his long-term business goal of creating a line of designer men’s dress socks.

The dude has been promoting these foot covers long before they’ve even existed but now us, the purchasing public, can head over to Neil Marcus exclusively and get a pair of sweet ballerina or horseshoe print high-end socks from Rob’s line called Arthur George. They currently sell for $30 a pair.

What’s that? I think you’re callin’ me out. I hear you sayin’, “Come on starcasm, I want to see every single pair of socks in one big ol’ long image.” Well, you asked for it!

Arthur George socks by Rob Kardashian

Rob pics: DJDM/ | Ivan Nikolov/